Why it pays to outsource to a San Diego janitorial service

Many companies are wondering whether outsourcing their cleaning needs to a San Diego janitor would be a good idea. It is not only a good idea, but there are also several different reasons as to why it makes financial sense. Today we list just a few of them.

You can focus on your core competency

If you run a business, you provide specialized services and/or products. Everything that you do within your business that does not directly improve, develop, or support your services and/or products may be outsourced. This means that the staff you have can focus on mission-critical objectives and core competencies – not on cleaning your facility.

Reduce costs

Saving money alone should be enough to perk the interest of anyone involved in business. Yes, hiring a San Diego janitor can save you money. It is expensive to have in-house employees, and in-house cleaning personnel is no different. Ask yourself, when looking at your core business, what true value do these employees add for cleaning your facility? They probably add next to nothing except for the cleaning but you still pay for their benefits package, salary, payroll tax and more. With an outsourced San Diego janitor, you only pay them when you need them.


If you have a business, you have a certain expertise in a particular field. When you outsource your cleaning needs to a San Diego janitor, you can be assured that they have the same expertise that you bring to the table in their main area. It is not strange that they have the expertise and experience to clean your facility better than your employees do. This is what they do – it is their core competency.


When you outsource your need for a San Diego janitor, it is easier than ever to adjust the level of staffing when you need to. You do not need to worry about hiring people or letting them go, if you need more people or need them for an emergency job, you can easily request that.

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