Tips for Spring Cleaning San Diego

When the weather turns nice, it is almost as though the fog is lifted in front of our eyes – suddenly we decide that it is time for a massive overhaul. We do that under the guise of spring cleaning. However, the guide to being motivated and staying that way is to do your spring cleaning San Diego as effectively as possible. That is why we have these tips to help you out.

Store it the right way

When you are storing clothes away, just remember to use the right kind of large plastic storage containers. Ideally, you would want the types that have snap-on lids. They are inexpensive and you can get them just about anywhere. By properly storing your clothes, you avoid discoloration and dust buildup on your clothes, thus making them last much longer.

Fold it

Now that you (weather permitting) will not need that big, bulky sweater for a few months, so it is time to put it away. When you are packing your clothes to store them, instead of folding them, try rolling them. This eliminates those ugly wrinkles and creases and saves you a ton of space. Using this technique, you will be able to pack a lot more clothes in a smaller space.

 A little extra work now, less work later

If you label the containers with your clothes as ‘winter’, ‘fall’, and ‘spring, it is going to help you locate what you are looking for much more easily. There are few things more frustrating than having to dig through all your clothes to find a pair of pants you want (because they always end up being on the bottom of your last container).

 Break it down

Breaking down your list of chores makes the overall spring cleaning San Diego experience go much more smoothly. It is incredibly rewarding to be able to cross certain tasks off your list. Not only is it rewarding, but it also helps you keep motivated. Instead of dealing with everything at once you have a clear understanding of what needs to be done.

 You do not have to do it all yourself

Remember, that you can hire someone to do the bigger jobs for you. Jobs such as cleaning your decks or your driveways that may take a lot of work. These companies have the expensive equipment and knowhow required to make jobs that would otherwise seem impossible much easier.

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