San Diego Pro Cleaning prides itself on being the best in the cleaning business, but don’t take our word for it! See what our customers have to say…

“San Diego Pro Cleaning is a wonderful cleaning company. I really like that the owner of this company is involved, and that after every cleaning he follows up with a phone call to make sure I am completely satisfied. I also like that I don’t have to be home when they clean.they are completely trustworthy! And when I do come home, my home not only looks great, but it also smells wonderful! I am very happy with San Diego Pro Cleaning!”
– Trish O., Residential Client

“Kevin was my rep when he was managing a different cleaning company. He is a go-getter, is very organized, and has high standards for both cleaning and customer service. I have no doubt that his new cleaning business will not only be a big success, but will also be a great asset to many homeowners, landlords, and especially Vacation Rental businesses. Vacation Rentals are the most difficult and challenging to clean, supply, and schedule. Only the best-of-the-best, the most dependable, organized and flexible companies can handle them. Kevin fits the bill.”
– Nancy P., President and Owner of Nancy’s Vacation Rentals

“SD Pro Cleaning was my first cleaning service I had ever hired. When you discover such high quality service, why go elsewhere?”
– Evan D., Residential Client

“Significantly exceeded expectations! First time customer skeptical because of two bad review[s on Yelp]. Have no idea what other users experienced but this company is professional beyond measure.
1. Punctual 2. Thorough 3. Honest and exact
From the moment contacted [to] the moment they left, flawless!
I think Ramon has a PHD in house cleaning. Ask for him by name.
Be aware: [San Diego Pro Cleaning is m]ore than twice the price of our maid service and well worth it. Spent five time[s] longer in the house than our maids and cleaned every nook and cranny. Appliances too, inside and out. Insane! Took the food out of our freezer, removed the doors and shelves, cleaned everything and reassembled. Never seen anything like it.
Cleaned high and low, and I mean everything!
This is a small condo that we’ve had for 20 years and we will now always come back to San Diego [Pro] Cleaning.”
– David I., Residential Client

“My husband and I have bought a vacation cottage by the beach, and Kevin and his crew have been our cleaning service to our vacation renters. They have done an excellent job, and Kevin gets “right on it” if ever a problem arises, which is very much appreciated. Kevin is also very flexible when last minute issues come up. I recommend them to anyone who wants a clean home, and great customer service. ”
– Carol B., Vacation Rental Client

“These guys are the best. We have had Kevin clean our office once a month for the past 7 months are so. They always do a good job and the one time we had an issue Kevin took care of it right away. Within about 2 hours of my call to him he had 2 people here ready to fix the problem. They do a detailed door, window ledge, and molding cleaning every 3 months and they alawys do a great job. Plus, Kevin Atto drops by periodically just to check on the cleaners work. This may seem a nuisance to some but it means a lot to me that he comes by to personally inspect the work and insure his customers satisfaction. As far as pricing goes, i do not think that you can beat Kevin!!”
– Claudine G., Commercial Client

“San Diego Pro Clean[ing] has been cleaning our downtown condo for 9 months and we couldn’t be happier. The staff is friendly and efficient. We have a lot of windows and there is never a streak. Coming home on Monday evenings is such a pleasure knowing that I’m walking into a clean and neat home. I’d recommend the[i]r service to anyone. ”
– Mark W., Residential Client