Best Champion Gas Pressure Washer Reviews

Why You Should Choose Champion Pressure Washer? With so many different brands of pressure washers out there, you might be wondering why Champion should be your brand of choice. There are a number of qualities that the brand offers to you. First, Champion is a US owned and operated company. Knowing that your power equipment is manufactured in the U.S. gives you confidence and security, but that is just the start of the benefits.

All of Champion’s powered pressure washers are durable and dependable, and priced for any budget. Each machine includes a warranty as well.

Champion Power Washers

Champion is one of the top contenders for pressure washers. If you are in the market for a great high pressure washer,  this is certainly one brand that you will want to consider first. We have listed the best three machines that the company offers. Check them out, and make your decision. When you choose Champion, you are choosing a long-lasting, worthwhile product that won’t let you down!

Champion pressure washers provide users with quality machines that get the job done. Champion has been serving the needs of customers across the globe with top power washers for a number of years’ now. Whether you are in the market for an electric or a gas-powered machine, Champion has a model to suit your needs. Here we will provide you with a list of the best-selling Champion pressure washers to suit every application.

Here are the best champion pressure washers for you to consider.

Champion Professional Trigger Start Gas-Powered Pressure Washer

Champion 4000 psi High power pro model with 4000 PSI…This gas powered pressure washer offers 4000 PSI and the ability to go wherever you want since no electricity is required for use. The trigger start feature ensures that you have no trouble getting the machine started. The 13 HP motor is powerful, and it contains a cast iron sleeve cylinder and a 5.9 gallon fuel tank. Other features that you can enjoy include 1.25 inch Never Flatwheels; quick connect soft grip and a 50-foot pressure hose.

Champion 3200 PSI Trigger Start Portable Gas Pressure Washer

Versatile quality for any residential application, you cant fault this machine for functionality. Another gas powered pressure washer, this model is lightweight for its power and portable so it is easy to transport wherever you may need to take the machine. An Auto start and Stop feature ensures that the machine is easy to start and not enduring any extra wear and tear, as it shuts off after it is not used for a minutes. Foldaway handle bars are an excellent feature, and the cast iron sleeve ensures that the machine provides you with long-lasting durability.

Champion Power Portable Gas Pressure Washer 1700 PSI

Effective Portable Home Use – This unit has more power than any other hand carry portable model…

This Champion pressure washer offers 1700 PSI, pumping 1.8 gallons per minute. The pressure washer has an 80cc OHV engine, which also has a cast iron sleeve for longer durability. This unit comes with nozzle, the variable wand, and the versatile machine is lightweight so you can take it with you wherever you go. This machine can wash cars, patios, and much more with complete ease.

Trigger Start Pressure Washer Reviews

Best High Pressure Power Washers Reviews

The Best High Pressure Washer Cleaners For Those Who Want Power. There are different types and brands of high pressure washers used to accomplish different cleaning purposes. While there are the portable ones that can easily be carried anywhere, there are those that are specifically designed for those looking for high pressure powered machines. High pressure power washers are ideal for high intensity cleaning for the removal of the toughest of stains in any surface. Most of the high pressured cleaners you will see these days are powered by gas. They are specifically designed to be utilized for different types of tough cleaning tasks. Below are the best three high powered pressure cleaners that can give you the intensity you crave in a washing device.


Honda GX390 4200 PSI pressure washer (High Pressure)

If you a looking for a very high pressure washer (high performance) that does not cost a fortune, the Honda GX390 model should be your best pick. With 4200 PSI, it is perfect for small business, stables, estates and other commercial purpose use. This comes with a powerful commercial grade Honda GX390 engine that can blast through tough jobs with ease. Its innovative remote control means you can easily change the pressure from its wand, making it unnecessary to go back to the machine to adjust the pressure. Other great features of this high pressure water cleaner include 50 feet highly durable hose, quick connect nozzles, stainless steel spray wand, direct drive with sturdily built brass head, 12″ pneumatic tires that can easily deal with tough stains, and chip-resistant crinkle finish.

Briggs & Stratton 1150 Series High pressure washer

This is specifically made for professionals and industrial and heavy duty cleaning services. It maintains a power pressure of 4000 PSI, making it ideal for high pressured cleaning. Its features include 4 quick connect spray, easy start technology, heavy duty axial pump, strong wheels, 30-foot high pressure hose, and 5 feet gross torque that takes on high intensity tasks with ease. This pressure washer is built to withstand high intensity pressure washing activities on different types of surfaces. Its two-year factory warranty covers workmanship as well as material. Although it is intended for professional use, many home owners (particularly those who have large cleaning areas) utilize this model for its ease of operation, cleaning effectiveness, and longevity.

Ridgid 3300 PSI Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Ridgid gas powered 3300 pressure washers are the leaders in the industry of high pressured power machines. It is powered by the innovative Subaru engine that minimizes noise and increase fuel efficiency. This cleaning device is sturdily designed and can handle virtually any type of cleaning task you throw at it. Some of its great features include stainless steel spray, a fold-down handle, and an auto-lock coupler. Although this machine is powered by gas, it is designed in a way that ensures ease and efficiency of operation and maintenance.

The above are the three best high pressure power washer cleaners according to their features, design, and how they are rated by users. Whenever you are looking to buy a pressure washer and your priority is power, the above three pressure washers will definitely meet your expectation when it comes to strong design, efficiency, and cleaning intensity.

What do you do with your pressure washer?

I just bought a Simpson Cleaning PS4240H hot water pressure washer to replace my old electric model. I used pressure washer for these jobs:

1. My deck I apply a water sealer once a year. There is nothing to remove the sealer is basically gone each year. But I use the pressure washer to remove the dirt and the discolored aged look. The pressure washer removes that aged grey color and brings the wood back to a new look just like new. I have to be careful not to splinter the wood.I use a deck cleaner that helps remove any mold or dirt that is set in. I scrub it lightly with a brush on a long handle not down on my hands and knees. And sometime I use pressure washer clean my car.

2. I have white vinal siding that I like to see remain white. On the north side and areas where it does not get sun. I get a green mold if let go . I use the pressure washer to remove this mold. I scrub what I can reach with a bleach and soap mixture to kill the mold. Then pressure wash off the mold and grime. Makes it snow white again. I then spray on a sun and weather protectant product and rinse it off with the pressure washer.

3. I have a lot of grass out here to mow.The bottom side of my mower decks get a lot of grass manure like build up that can rot out a mower deck.I remove the mower decks from the lawn tractors scrape the access out that comes easily.Then pressure wash the deck clean to the metal.I allow it to dry and touch up any places where the paint is gone.I do not blast water into the bearing mandrels and I do grease the fittings to push out any water that could have entered.I have never had a bearing problem and I have had some old well used equipment.Never had a rusted out deck problem because of this practice.

4. I use pressure wash clean my BBQ grill a few times a year.Also maybe a extra time or two.If were having a cook out with friends or family and neighbors.Would not want some guest saying my grill was dirty or greasy.I take out the brickets and grates.Pressure wash the grill grates seperate.Pressure wash the complete grill.Use a degreaser allow it time to work.Then pressure wash it clean.Its amasing the grease dirt and grime that comes out of these things.Its a wonder people do not get food posioning Yuck!Does anyone really take there grill apart and clean it after each use like they recomend?If I had to I would not grill out ever.

5. Outside lawn furniture gets dirty grimey and can get moldy.So I pressure wash it down a time or two a year.I scrub the cushion and things with soap and then blast it away.

6. My garbage cans get nasty inside.So I pressure wash them out a few times a year during warm weather.

7. I wash off the windows outside on the second story with a blast of water a few times a year.Does not replace hand cleaning them and removing them however.But im not doing windows on the second story very often anyway.OK maybe im lazy but thats to bad I do not look out of them much these days up stairs anyway.

8. Window screens get nasty.I take them out and pressure wash them you have to be careful.Unless there the alluminum screen wire type.But a srcreen is like a filter amazing the grime that washes away.I admits a garden hose is maybe just as affective however.

9. I forgot to mention I have high concret block foundation.Thats looking a little shabby with mold.I plan to see if I can brighten the blocks up a little this summer.

10. Garage floors you just can not beat a pressure washer to clean them.If I ever get a garage with a concrete floor I will have this use also.My floor is gravel old garage.

11. I have a inside Sheltie dog.But during warm weather he likes to spend time in his 10×12 kennel that has a rubber mat perferated floor.That has a poly plastic dog house. Hard telling what kind of critters fleas bugs live in there.If not cleaned disinfected.So I use it to pressure wash the flooring and the dog house.I use bleach and soap on the dog house and pressure wash it clean.So he does not bring who knows what into the house.

Thats about it for me.I might find more uses and have better results now that I have a gas model.More PSI and GPM and no more stringing the electric cord and standing around water.Should be a improvement over my old 1600 psi electric model.My new one is only 2500 psi and 2.3gpm but I do not want to splinter wood and cut or blow holes in my siding or get the back side wet.So I think I will be happy with the results as I was with the old one.

You do have to hand scrub just about anything you do with a pressure washer.To loosen it up.But it does make the job easier and with better results.Just like washing a car you still have to loosen the grime before its really clean.A pressure washer and soap alone will not cut it.If it was that powerful you would not have any paint left and I bet it would still not be clean.

High pressure washer won’t run?

Its hard to tell without looking at it personally but just to remove another other doubts…

Have you changed the hose lately going to the pressure washer ?

Is the water that is going to your machine hotter than usual. – I don;t know where you live but for me the first few minutes after turning on the water its really hot because its been solar heated and its pretty close to boiling hot.

Is there any damage to the your garden hose which would cause it to suck in air along with water ?

But it seems you have already looked at these problems so at this stage the damage seems to be done so I am listing potential reasons for the problem and not cures, sorry about that. Usually though ,when the whole pump has broke it will show a lot more symptoms.

If you are having trouble removing that plastic nut try to use a socket set and not a spanner.The spanner will for use cause the side to get wore down.

The “start/stop valve” could be the unloader valve which has a spring inside it to control the pressure…. maybe a surge of air has forced it into its current position where its now difficult to remove.

However I should warn you that if it is the unloader valve that when resetting,it needs to be in the correct setting otherwise its never going to be at the right pressure.

If it was me and I was trying to fix a big gas powered pressure washer I would stay away from it but since its a somewhat cheap electric one and to buy a new pump would almost cost the same as a new pressure washer I wouldn’t mind having a play around with it in the hope it works fine again.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. The electric washers are so picky and if the slightest part isn’t doing what its supposed to be doing well then the whole things breaks.

How To Clean A Boat Interior Steps By Steps

Just wonder if anyone has experience to wash boat with a pressure washer. I recently bought a pressure washer (1600 psi) for household use. The instruction manual says don’t use it to washer cars. I was wondering if it is safe to pressure wash your boat’s hull? I know that you should spray the electronics, switches, etc with a pressure washer. Is it safe for fiberglass deck and/or hull??

Boat pressure washing is the best answer on how to clean a boat and it can make your boat look new again. Boats are susceptible to ardent stains like grime and fungal outgrowths. Using pressure washer is the easiest method to remove these stains which affect the appearance and durability of the boat. If the boats are exposed to natural elements for a longer period of time, they may lose their shine and look and it can prevent their beauty to be regained again. In contrary, regular maintenance and cleaning will help you to a great extent to save your money and time in due course. You can also look at our pressure washing a car guide here to learn how to pressure wash your car and return its gloss back and make it new again.


How to Clean a Boat – Requirements for Boat Pressure Washing

A pressure washer with the capacity to generate a minimum of 2000 PSI and  water output of over 1.3GPM is needed for boat pressure washing. High power is needed because there are high chances of the grime creep into crevices and gaps of certain surfaces and a lot of water under high pressure may be required to remove this.

 Preparation for Boat Pressure Washing / How to Clean a Boat

Shut all portholes, doors and windows before you start your boat pressure washing. The bilge pump should be checked and it must be ensured that it is   perfectly working because the water will be accumulated in the bilge area at the end when you finish pressure washing. You may have to remove this collected water at the earliest. Likewise, the boat deck should be drained quickly and perfectly. After all, all those items which you want to save from getting wet should be removed before you start the pressure washing process.

Applying pressurized water should be done with utmost care when you deal with   wood like teak. The varnish layer provided on top these may get blasted away by the water jet delivered by the pressure washer. On other parts such as the plastic windshield, canvas, wood decking etc., it is not advisable to use high water pressure since there are chances that they may get damaged. Besides, windshields usually have a protective covering which may get scratched very easily.

A telescopic wand can be kept ready for cleaning the taller regions of the boat because this is much easier than climbing up.

Procedure for Boat Pressure Washing

It is always advisable to start boat pressure washing from the dock because if you start from the top, unwanted dirt will not reach back onto the boat. You can start the washing process from one end, engaging yellow or green tip and move from side to side as you proceed across the dock. You will need to rinse the boat sides before moving ahead.

After this, the pressure washer is to be connected to the supply line and all the indicators are to be checked to make sure that the unit is in good working condition. Cleaning products for boat washing such as the 505 Brushless Vehicle Soap can be used to reduce the effort for washing. Detergents and soaps are useful when you clean boat with a pressure washer.

Start from the very top of the boat if it is more than one story tall and slowly work your way downwards. At this time, ensure that water flows at 90 degrees so that you get maximum impact from the pressure washer.

The wand should not be moved so fast as heavy grime may be missed out  and don’t move it very slow as you will need a lot of time. When pressure washing involves chemical application wash your boat part by part. Since, presence of chemicals for a long time on any surface may cause damage, rinse off the cleaning solution and wash the surfaces quickly before you apply chemicals somewhere else. It is advisable that you can take less than 15 minutes to wash any section of the boat with chemicals.

To clean the bottom and hull portions of smaller boats, first of all get the boat away from the water and stabilize it for washing. You can apply more chemicals on dirtier areas and rinse the boat starting from one side to another. The job can be made simpler and faster if you  use a hot water pressure because it will take less time. Besides, it uses less chemicals and save money also.

Allow drying for two  days, after that apply a coat of  boat wax or hull polish so that it offers more protection.

The following things need to be kept in mind when you go for your boat pressure washing:

  • Zero degree red tip is not at all recommended for wood as it delivers a water jet which is   narrow and intense. It is recommended for concrete or metal surfaces.
  • Fifteen degree yellow tips are stripping tips for boats and are best suited tip to deal with loose paint, metal and concrete surfaces.
  • Twenty five degree green tip is the best suited spray tip for cleaning the deck and other areas.
  • The forty degree white tip can be used to clean areas such as varnished or, paint laden surfaces and for an overall rinsing.

As you have seen, different pressure washer spray tips are used here in cleaning the boat.

How to Clean a Boat Interior

Once the outside of the boat has been fully cleaned and waxed, it is time to get to work on the boat interior. As with the outside of the boat 303 Marine and Recreation Multi-Surface Cleaner is perfect for most cleaning jobs inside the boat as it is strong enough to clean stubborn spots, but gentle enough as to not damage the surfaces. For more suborn stains and marks, the 303 Spot Cleaner can be used. For the details, such as aluminum poles, you can use a specialized metal polish to clean them, then you can use the same wax used on the outside of the boat to protect them.

Consumer reviews cleaning a boat include comments such as:

I use pressure washer cleaning a boat when really dirty. Just dont use the 0 degree nozzle. I use the 10-20degree and it works great. Of course the best solution is preventative maintenance. A little wax goes a long way.

I use toilet bowl cleaner to get the yellow off. I pressure wash inside the boat every year, but the hull? Not generally necessary

Take the cushions off, and stay way from cockpit bolsters. You can tear through them in a heartbeat. And don’t forget the appropriate eye and foot protection. A 2500 psi pressure washer will peel skin off your toes. I know from my experience.

I’ve pressure washed my boat–mostly the interior–very little on hull. I trailer so I don’t get any grunge on the bottom so that’s not an issue for me–

I’ve had great luck with the pressure wash cleaning the non-skid deck and removing the damned algae and mold I seem to get in a few places–usually places that don’t get much/enough sun to keep the stuff from coming back.

I assume a hard core pressure wash, especially on the small areas that algae and mold keep coming back on, will take the wax off especially if I use the soap injector–is that an accurate assumption?  Is there a soap that would be better than the stuff that’s sold for a pressure washer–maybe like car wash soap???

I used a pressure washer when cleaning my Seacraft. It worked great. It was a gas powered pressure washer with a psi of around 2000 . I kept the nozzle about 6″ or more from the hull but it did a great job. We did inside and hull.

Conclusion on How to Clean a Boat

Fungal outgrowths and grime can accumulate on boats surfaces over time. To keep your boat good in appearance and to prevent it from getting damaged, a pressure washer can be used. Pressure washers are highly efficient and powerful compared to ordinary water hoses. With pressure washers, cleaning vehicles and boats can be completed effortlessly and quickly. Cleaning with a good pressure will improve your boat’s appearance both in and out of the water saving your investments and time. Hope you liked our boat pressure washing guide and you have learned how to clean a boat easily.

How To Select The Best Maid Service San Diego

Face it, life is too short to spend a long time every day at work and asleep, AND have to clean your own home. That is why a maid service San Diego is the perfect option if you do not want to live in squalor, but also do not want to spend a lot of time having to clean your place. But how do you find the best possible provider?

 Private cleaners?

Now there is nothing that would automatically qualify a private cleaner as bad, however when these individuals are not associated with a proven company, you really do not know who you are allowing into your home. That is why many people opt to go with a professional maid service San Diego. That way you know you are bringing a qualified, licensed person into your home.

 There is more than price

Yes, it would be great if the cheapest service were always just as good as the most expensive service. However, there is a reason that the old adage “you get what you pay for” still rings true today. Even though you may be saving money, what good does that little bit of money you saved do you when the cheapest maid service San Diego does not provide you with quality staff or service.

 Look for the important words

Certain words like “bonded” and “background check” assure you of the quality of maid service San Diego. It means that the business is insured and the person that enters your home has undergone a background check. You will surely be a lot more comfortable with someone entering your home when you have seen these important words.

 Look for a commitment to green cleaning

Even though some might consider this is a luxury option. However, knowing that the professionals you hire actually use cleaning materials that are not toxic or harmful to the environment simply makes you feel better. With the number of green alternatives available, there is no excuse for any maid service San Diego not to use green cleaning.

Maid Service

Opt for a Professional Maid Service in San Diego

Sure, there are a bunch of amateurs offering maid service in San Diego, but they usually don’t offer anything besides minimal cleaning. If you have a house to keep clean for guests, or business clients meeting in the office, you need expert cleaning services. Enter the professional cleaning company, a team of trained and experienced cleaners who are also bonded, licensed and insured.

Get a 100% satisfaction guarantee from your maid service…

This is the most advantageous choice for you, as it offers you protection and the guarantee of a job well done. In fact, most cleaning companies that are of the highest caliber will offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee because they are committed to a high work ethic. If the cleaners are skilled and have a high work ethic there is nothing to worry about—that room is going to be spotless.

Understanding the benefits of modern rotation systems…

Deep cleaning by a maid service in San Diego involves much more than just vacuuming and sweeping and mopping. These services involve advanced deep cleaning of carpet and upholstery. Cleaning services can also handle smaller tasks such as stocking and replacing items, moving, and stripping, sealing and waxing floors. Many modern maid service San Diego companies are now tracking their clients via computer according to a rotation system.

Hire a quality provider

This ensures that each client’s home will be visited on a regular basis, and one room will be cleaned at a time. The ending result is that the client’s home will be cleaned all year round, and yet cleaners will not interrupt daily routines. The next time you are thinking of hiring a maid service in San Diego, make sure the “maid” knows what he or she is doing. Hire someone who is going to get it right the first time and keep your home spotless.