About San Diego Pro Cleaning

Family Owned

San Diego Pro Cleaning is a Family company that opened its doors for business in 2007. The Chief Concept Engineer Kevin Atto was equipped with a wealth of cleaning industry knowledge and experience prior to starting the company. The concept of San Diego Pro Cleaning is to improve the way housecleaning is done in the San Diego area by making the cleaning process hassle-free, all-inclusive, enjoyable, and indulgent for all clients. The idea is simple: we do more cleaning-wise for our clients than any other cleaning company, and our Detail-clean Rotation system separates us from the competition.

Exceptional Service

The number one goal of San Diego Pro Cleaning has always been and will always be customer satisfaction. San Diego Pro Cleaning does not make clients sign cleaning contracts that force them to agree to long-term commitments. By providing an exceptional service at all times to all clients, San Diego Pro Cleaning has built a consistent client base through voluntary repeat service and also through the referrals of happy clients to their own families, friends, and business associates. Our cleaning professionals will come to your home on a scheduled day, and you can relax knowing that they’ve undergone extensive training and are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We also have an an English-speaking staff.

A Green Company

San Diego Pro Cleaning is proud to be a Green company! Most of our cleaning products are 100% natural and do not contain any chemicals that are harmful to the environment. These products are provided by Sierra Natural Cleaners, and using them is truly a win-win situation for all. First and foremost, these products are safe for the health of our planet. Along with helping the environment, these products have proven to work well in households with people who have sensitive allergies. Numerous clients and employees of San Diego Pro Cleaning have expressed great satisfaction since the company has starting using Sierra Natural Cleaners. Along with the use of these products, San Diego Pro Cleaning tries at all costs not use disposable cleaning tools such as paper towels or Swiffer products. We also route our teams efficiently on a daily basis to save our precious natural resources, and we use fuel-efficient vehicles. Any other ideas and comments on how to save energy and protect the environment are always welcomed at [email protected].